2D1N Siquijor Tour Package – Exclusive Island Tour

Siquijor is a place where you can find the perfect vacation that you will never forget. This place is my hometown and i will always be missing this place. Even if the island is just a small one but it has so much to offer. 2D1N Siquijor Tour Package will be enough for you to visit the top tourist destination of the island. Visit Siquijor and choose the best tour package and enjoy an exclusive island tour.

The image has a clear blue sky and has signage in which you can only take picture with our Siquijor Tour Package.

2d1n siquijor tour package

Paliton Beach is the usual first stop during the tour especially when you arrive at Siquijor port (the island has 2 seaports, the Larena Port and Siquijor Port). This beach is a public beach where most of the local and foreign tourists visit this place even the local residence in the island spend their weekend here just to enjoy and bond with the family. This place is also perfect to visit during afternoon as you can witness the best sunset view. Our 2D1N Siquijor Tour Package would be the best for you.

   People will will enjoy foot spa with our 2D1N Siquijor tour package

  People dip their feet in the water and let the fish eats the dead skin on their feet. They will only experience this with our  2D1N Siquijor tour package

The Old Enchanted Tree is relaxing and at the same time full of fun. The tree is said to be the 400 yrs old however it is still standing strong. But what makes this tree famous is the foot spa. You just have to seat and dip your feet on the water and let the fish eats the dead skin of your feet. Choose the best Siquijor tour package and one those is our 2D1N tour.

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2d1n siquijor tour package

2d1n siquijor tour package

Your adventure in Siquijor would not be complete if you didn’t visit Lazi Hapitanan. You don’t need to be a witch to fly a broom. Siquijor is a perfect ideal vacation. In Hapitanan, you just have to relax and remove the bad vibes in you. Above all, visiting Hapitanan will make your vacation adventurous. Inquire now with our Siquijor Tour Package; 2D1N Tour and 3D2N Tour.

2d1n siquijor tour package

Cambugahay Falls is a 3-layered falls but tourist usually enjoy swimming at the 3rd level as it has the deeper water. There are lot of things to do in here like the famous tarzan swing. There are also bamboo rafts where you can rent and go near the falling water. Siquijor Island is a perfect place for relaxation, adventure and fun. When you visit the island, plan your vacation first and choose a tour package that will fit to your standard.

Salagdoong Beach is one of the most popular beach in Siquijor. This beach also boasts crystal clear blue waters, white sands, and an epic cliff jumping spot. It is also another must-visit tourist destination in the island. The best thing to experience in Salagdoong Beach is jumping on a cliff with 20 and 35 ft. high. Above all, you’re vacation in Siquijor would be fantastic with us.

Inquire now with our Siquijor tour package: 3D2N, 2D1N and Siquijor day tour.

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