Kawasan Canyoneering Tour: Cebu’s Greatest Adventure

Kawasan Canyoneering Tour

Cebu’s greatest adventure is here. Canyoneering gives you the satisfaction if you’re looking for an adventure. Our Kawasan Canyoneering Tour package in Cebu is a total package at a very reasonable price.

Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls Tour will let you experience the definition of extreme adventure. During the activity, you will do trekking, jumping, sliding and more adventurous thing to do. This nothing to compare to other adventures in Cebu.

Two girls wearing green helmet and red life jacket during Kawasan Canyoneering Tour for safety.

Canyoneering Tour won’t disappoint you, it will give you the expectation that you want. There are local guides that will join and assist you during the activity. Therefore, we make sure that you are safe so you will wear helmet and life jackets.

The people standing at the top of the rock wearing life jacket and helmet during Kawasan Canyoneering Tour.

You can take many photos as many as you want. Make sure that you’re battery is full the time that the activity will start so that you won’t miss a single part of the adventure.

During the activity you will meet new people that you can jam with. The advantage of Kawasan Canyoneering tour is that you will have things to share with your friends, the extreme one.

Two Girls wearing green helmet and red life jacket.

A feeling of ecstasy as you slide yourselves down to the running water. You can float and dip in the very cold and so refreshing water.

The most important and end point of the whole tour. Kawasan Falls! Here in Kawasan Falls you can cool down, relax and enjoy swimming. You can also experience their bamboo rafting.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and we will assist you.

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