Mactan Cebu Island Hopping: Budget Tour Package

Mactan Cebu Island Hopping Tour

Mactan Island Hopping is surrounded with many islands which is rich of marine species.

Our package Mactan Island Hopping is a perfect package. It is so much fun and full of enjoyment. When you visit Cebu, you shouldn’t miss trying island hopping so you won’t regret when you already left Cebu City.

The islands are rich with natural resources. Many tourist already visited the islands. However, the citizens still preserve marine life. One of the islands that surround mactan is Olanggo which is very famous. It is so good to experience snorkeling in Olanggo Island. Mactan Cebu Island Hopping is here for you and we offer it that will fit your budget.

Our package Mactan Island Hopping is a total package. Snorkeling is a little bit tiring yet fun, so we serve you delicious foods, drinks and fruits.


Our Boatman will assist you for the whole island hopping activity so you just have to sit, relax and enjoy. We can take photos of you, we will document every post that you want.

You will experience snorkeling, fishing and fish feeding. You will see lots of different fishes, corals and other marine species. Mactan Island Hopping tour is a should-try activity and i’m sure you just did the thing that you won’t regret in the end.

See how beautiful marine life in Mactan Island is. You can witness how it is preserved and well taken care of. The fish are friendly, you just have to feed them with bread and you will enjoy when they swim faster just to get the food.

Our island hopping is a total package. This is what you’re looking for with a free pick up to any resort with in mactan island.

What are you still waiting for, book now and discover the beauty of the Mactan.

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