Olanggo Island Hopping Tour : A Private Tour

Olanggo Island Hopping Tour

Mactan Island is surrounded with many islets which is rich in marine life and one of these is Olanggo Island. If you visit the island of Mactan, you should not miss our Olanggo Island Hopping Tour. We offer a total package just for you, it is inclusive of lunch, private bangka (motorized boat), pick up to any resort or hotel with in Mactan Island and snorkeling set.

Adventures in Olanggo Island

Olanggo Island is such a beautiful Island. It will take 20-30 mins. of travel from the island of Mactan going to Olanggo Island using Bangka. There are plenty of tourist who visited the island for many times already. With our island hopping tour, we will make you tour a memorable one.

With our Olanggo Island Hopping Tour, you will be able to visit San Vicente Marine Sanctuary.

Olanggo Island is just a small island. The people living there need to go the Mactan Island if they will buy their needs. They live a simple living with a simple life. Their main source of income is the tourist who visits the island. They use to make souvenirs and sell it to the tourist.

Olanggo Island is a place that you shouldn’t miss when you have your vacation in Mactan. Since the island is one of the most visited of all. You want to relax and at the same time you also want to enjoy. For instance, you should book our Olanggo Island Hopping Tour. We can give you the vacation that you are looking for.

Our Package Olanggo Island Hopping Tour is super fun and full of enjoyment. Our local boatmen will assist you from your needs. We just made these packages just for you. Above all, it is a total package. You just have to trust us your vacation. After that, you will surely enjoy the rest of your travel goal.

Olanggo Island has plenty of sea species. You will see plenty of marine life. With our Olanggo Island Hopping Tour, we will let you experience snorkeling, fishing or even fish feeding. In addition to that, our package gives you satisfaction.

You will be able to see different kind of fishes in our Olanggo Island Hopping Tour.

Travel Tips for you!

Cebu is full of different adventures, We will let you experience all of that. In other words, we are here for you just to make your vacation the most memorable one. You can always contact us for more details so we can arrange your tour accordingly.

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