Siquijor Island Tour: Affordable Packages

Siquijor Island Tour Package

Siquijor Island is a place of no return as many people said.  Many tourists want to visit the island. Therefore, the island keeps improving otherwise preserving nature for the future generations.

You won’t regret once you visit Siquijor Island. For us, the island is competitive when it comes to natural resources and nature. The island is a small province with only 6 municipalities. Our Siquijor Island Tour is a full package if you wish to visit the island.

Siquijor Adventure!

In the Island of Siquijor, cliff jumping in Salagdoong is very famous. Salagdoong Beach Resort is located in Olang, Maria, Siquijor. The resort has a very beautiful white sand beach, it is not only for day use but you can also do overnight, you can bring tents or if you wish to stay for how many nights on the resort, they can also accommodate you for they have a hotel in the resort. Salagdoong Beach Resort have many activities like kayaking, sliding, snorkeling and cliff jumping as what i have said earlier.

Siquijor Island will let you experience unforgettable and memorable things. This is why tourists mostly visit the island. Above all, Siquijor Island Tour is a total package.

Siquijor Balete Tree is located in Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor. Foot spa is famous here in this place. There are small shops that are selling different types of souvenirs. For instance, we can stop by and buy some to bring home. Our Siquijor Island Tour Package will give you unforgettable moment in the island.

You will enjoy the tickling bites of the fishes in your feet. It tickles but it also relax you as well. After that, we can can buy some fresh buko near the balete tree. The water is flowing. The Big Balete Tree is the main source of the water.

The oldest convent in Asia. San Isidro Labrador Church is commonly known as Lazi Church and is a Roman Catholic in the municipality of Siquijor. It is built by sea stone and wood. However, the convent is still strong until now.

This is the love potion. People believes that it used to create feelings of love. As a result, Siquijor souvenir shops are selling these especially in Balete Tree.


Come and book to us now with our Siquijor Island Tour Package and its for you to find out the treasures hidden in the island. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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