Siquijor Island Tour Package : with Private Transportation

Siquijor Island Tour Package

Siquijor Island is a perfect place for vacation. With our Siquijor Island Tour Package, you can discover how beautiful Siquijor Island is. You will be able to visit the famous white beaches, resorts, falls, mountain resorts, spa, caves and other top visited destination in the island. Above all, the island is such a perfect place for vacation with family and friends.

Siquijor Adventure

This is the Balete Tree, you should not miss visiting this tree when you visit the island of Siquijor since this is one of the top destination in the island. With our Siquijor Island Tour, we will make sure that you will have a great and amazing moment in the island.

This is what we call the “Hapitanan”. People visit the place as they are curious about what they have seen trending on social media about a picture that a person riding on a broom that flies. This is fun! I’ve tried it, many people did.

There is a small house with a red motor at the outside. This the Hapitanan only with our Siquijor Island Tour Package.

This is the Siquijor Port. The port is accessible to Dumaguete and Tagbilaran Port. The island have to ports, it is in Siquijor and Larena.

Siquijor Island is a province so their is no traffic. When you travel to Siquijor, it would be perfect if you try book with our Siquijor Island Tour Package. We offer a private and comfortable transportation. There are many types of refreshments on the island, one of these is the fresh buko and you can try it in Balete Tree.

With our Siquijor Island Tour Package, you can have refreshments here in balete tree like Buko.

When you visit the island, you should list down the things that you will do so you won’t miss any single adventure in the island. But it is much better if you will try our Siquijor Island Tour Package. We offer a total package just for you.

In Balete Tree, you can try foot spa. The picture shows a foot in the water with many fishes are swimming. You can try it with our Siquijor Island Tour Packages.

Siquijor Island is so much fun and full of enjoyment. Especially with our Siquijor Island Tour Package. It is inclusive of private transportation.

Come and discover Siquijor Island.

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