Siquijor Island Day Tour : Affordable Packages

Siquijor Island Day Tour

Siquijor Island is perfect ideal place for vacation. The place is peaceful, no traffic, no polluted air and the people living on the island is kind and hospitable. Let us be part of you adventure and discover Siquijor Island with us with our Siquijor Island Day Tour. Above all, we are offering a total package just for you at a reasonable price. Siquijor is just a small island, it will take a day to travel around the island. For instance, if you want to stay for a night. There are plenty of inns or even resorts to stay so there would be no problem with that.

Siquijor Island Adventures!

Last Monday, I visited my place, the island of Siquijor. There are plenty of things to do in the island. Like, caving, mountain climbing, swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping and other things, i can’t just tell it one by one. The thing the i really love in the island is their fresh buko. Above all, the island is full of fun and adventure. Siquijor tour would be fun.

Taste some fresh Buko with our Siquior Island Day Tour.

As i arrived at the island. The place welcomes me with fresh air that you can only find it in the island. Well i could say that since this is my hometown. On my way back to my house, this is what i miss in the island. There is no traffic. In fact, the street is empty that you could possibly count with your fingers the cars and motorcycles that passes by. Visit Siquijor Island with our Siquijor Island Day Tour.

Escape from traffic and take a road trip in the empty street in Siquijor with our Siquijor Island Day Tour.

The Enchanted Tree (Known as Balete Tree)

This is one of the most visited place on the island. The Old Enchanted Tree or known as Balete tree, where you can experience foot spa. It tickles when the fishes will bite your feet but it is super fun and with our Siquijor Island Day Tour, you won’t miss this.

This is the Belete Tree which is 400 plus year of existence. One of the most famous destination in Siquijor. Book to our Siquijor Day Tour so we can visit this enchanted tree.

You just have to sit on a concrete bench at the bottom top of the Balete tree and just dip your feet on the water and fish will come and bite your feet but don’t be afraid. It just tickles, you won’t feel hurt at all. Above all, Siquijor Island Day Tour is perfect for you.

It is super fun to experience foot spa and with our Siquijor Island Tour Package, you can possibly try it.

In Siquijor Island, you can experience a lot of adventure. One of these is the flying broom at Hapitanan. This is famous in Siquijor. Anyone who wish to visit Siquijor, you should not miss this experience.

You can always contact us for more details so we could arrange your tour accordingly.

Let us complete you bucket list with our Siquijor Island Day Tour.

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